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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a professional home watch service necessary?

When you hire a professional home watch service, you become part of a team. BRidge Home Watch, LLC, is professional, trustworthy, and reliable. The Florida humidity and subtropical climate can obviously cause damage to your home. By checking your home-inside and out, we can detect issues caused by the humidity, as well as any rodent or pest problems that could cause damage. We will communicate with you and apprise you of any potential problems and recommend necessary services. 

What can a professional home watch company do to help a homeowner in the event a problem occurs and you end up filing an insurance claim?

BRidge Home Watch, LLC, will provide you with the documentation that you will need each time we perform a home watch visit. This information is very comprehensive and detailed using our new computer software program. Your report is time and GPS stamped.  We will help guide you, if you need referrals for services.

Our job is to detect issues such as this

Whom do you trust with your keys?

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